Plugin Pro 104 (7 trays per box)

Plugin Pro 104 C, is the first 100% cocopeat plug on the market, for growing seeds, cuttings and tissue cultures for professional horticulture.
Mainly intended for the professional market of vegetables, ornamental plants and perennials
Its spongy and consistent structure, thanks to the unique and patented bio-based binder, offers a highly sustainable and ecological product, made from totally renewable raw materials.
In addition to offering nutrients during the first three weeks of growth, it provides the natural coconut trichodermas.
Plugin Pro 104 C is offered in a 104-cell tray, with more widely spaced cells to aid plant handling, and a 15mm bottom hole for easy removal. - Ph 5,8 - Ec 1,0 - 74-76% humidity
7 trays per carton box
– Ph 5,8
– Ec 1,0
– 74-76% humedad

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