Uzyme (1 litro)

It is a stabilized biological system of bacterial spores of the genus Bacillus.
UGRO ZYME generates in situ at the time of application, different types of enzymes (amylases, proteases, lipases, cellulases, etc.)
UGRO ZYME helps the reduction of application of mineral fertilizers according to the organic matter content of the soil and transforms the proteins into polypeptides and soluble assimilable amino acids by the plants.
UGRO ZYME promotes gibberellic precursors and mobilizes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium retained in soils. They help fruit setting and fattening.
UGRO ZYME increases its effectiveness in the presence of calcium salts such as carbonates and bicarbonates.
UGRO ZYME favors the mobilization and unblocking of phosphorus in the soil, being able to reduce the contribution of this in approximately 20%.
UGRO ZYME promotes the decomposition of organic matter. It has the action of enzymatic hydrolysis of organic compounds present in soil and releases gibberellin precursors with positive effects on the plant.
UGRO ZYME keeps irrigation facilities clean longer, slowing down the obstructions caused by organic matter.
UGRO ZYME is applied by fertigation at a dose of 5 - 6 kg / Ha. In 2 or 3 applications throughout the production cycle.
Application pH range: 5.5 – 9
Regulatory information
Bacillus spores are from Group 1 and are therefore considered non-pathogenic according to DIRECTIVE 2000/54 / EC

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